Tuesday, March 5, 2013


In Conclusion, anyone can be a storyteller but it each has his own way in telling that story because we are all unique.
I enjoyed my Journey in this course, looking forward to learn more in the Digital Art and Design advanced Course.
Hope you will enjoy my blog and stories.

" In the end, folks, we ain't nothing but a song...a story"
                                                                                          Joe Lambert
                                                                                        Center of Digital Storytelling
" A Story should be remembered for its soul, and not the bells and whistles"

                                                                                                                Bernajean Porter

VoiceThread Project

With the voice thread project, I have developed my learning skills, using new software and each time creating a new idea and a new way in presenting that idea.  It was a bit difficult to choose a subject for this project and I have faced few problems in following the steps in the tutorial.  But all went well at the end.
" Knowldge is not intended to fill minds.It is intended to open them..."

                                                                                                                  Georges Siemens
                                                                                                                Knowing Knowldge

Folding Story

What I enjoyed the most was the folding story project, in which each one of my classmates had to come up with a line story so we can all continue in creating a full story.  I call that brainstorming, where we each say an idea that can be developed by a group of people. 
"I know only one thing about the technologies that awaits us in the future: We will find ways to tell stories with them"

                                                                                                                      Jason Ohler


Now you have read my words in the wordle project, and saw some pictures.

So here the time to watch my artifact project in which I have introduced you to my best friends with whom I have spent a long day enjoying Bchare a Lebanese Village in my country Lebanon.

  So I wanted you to follow me in every stop in this road trip creating some visual effects and a cool style in editing.